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October 2014

Hi, everyone! Danielle Back here again this year reporting happening from Hampden Academy. A new year is well underway and I can’t believe how fast the time has passed. This year has already been an eventful year, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store! 

To start off the year we had our annual opening assembly. This year we welcomed 6 new kindergarten students, which is a great addition to our small school. As well, we welcomed 7 grade 12 students for the final time! As part of the graduating class, I can say there’s no feeling in the world like knowing all the hard work will soon pay off!

The first big event we had this year was the annual Terry Fox Run on September 25. Students and staff gathered outside the school and walked for an hour in the morning in honour of Terry. Unfortunately, some staff and students couldn’t participate, as the grade 7, 8, and 9 classes had a Trading Books for Boats school trip to the Marine Center in Norris Point. Although we missed them on our walk, it was a great trip and is an experience that can’t be replaced. Having participated in the school trip before I can say that its one the best trips these students will take in their high school careers!

Moving onto October 1, it was picture day again! It’s hard to believe that it’s that time of the year again already, but I’m sure all the pictures turned out great and can’t wait to see everyone’s photos! 

On October 8 we also had our annual Walk to Breakfast, where students were treated with a great breakfast and had fun team-building activities in the gymnasium afterwards. Also, as part of the Healthy Commotions Campaign for that day, we had fruit, milk and yogurt at recess time. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped to prepare breakfast for the staff and students! It was delicious! We were well fed that day!

As well, last week we had Education Week at Hampden Academy. It was a week full of themed days and fun activities. Monday was Season Confusion Day, students were encouraged to dress with clothing items from opposite seasons such as flip-flops and a winter hat! Tuesday was crazy hair day and the halls were filled with creative and insane looking hairstyles. On Wednesday it was PJ Day, and we all know what that means! What’s better than being able to come to school in your comfy pyjamas? Nothing! Thursday was Sports Uniform Day, so students were asked to wear any sports themed clothing and gear they had at home. To end off exciting week, Friday was Formal Day! Students came to school in fancy dresses, suits and ties! It was pretty interesting to see all of us dressed up for just another day school, but it was awesome to see all the school spirit!

As a way to continue to promote positive behaviour and overall kindness, Hampden Academy is counting on its Husky Paw Draw system. For each act of kindness a student receives a Husky Paw token and is entered in a prize draw that happens at the end of each school cycle. Congratulations to the winners so far this year! Keep up the positivity everyone!

Hampden Academy is very proud of one of our grade 12 students! Desiree Martin recently participated in the Miss Teen NL pageant, which was her first ever pageant. She made us very proud by becoming the First Runner Up! Everyone at home was following her throughout the entire weekend and couldn’t be more proud of her. She represented our small town very well, as well as representing the West Coast! Congratulations, Desiree! The pageant will be airing this Sunday, October 19 on NTV a 4:00pm for anyone interested. 

A lot has been happening so far this year at Hampden Academy. It appears to be a jam-packed year full of exciting and new experiences. I’m looking forward to continuing writing these articles throughout my last year of high school. Until next time, readers! 


November 2014

Hello loyal readers, I know it’s been quite some time since my last report; but I’m glad you’re still sticking with me for another report on the busy life at Hampden Academy! 

I would like to start off this report talking about Hampden Academy’s Volleyball teams, and their trip to Volley west on the weekend of October 17. I know this is was quite a while ago, but it is my excuse for the lack of articles! Both the boys and girls teams made the trip to Corner Brook to attend the two day tournament, in hopes to gain experience for their upcoming regional tournaments! During the first day of games, I fractured my wrist during a game! Writing these articles with a cast on was not an option and it’s been a long healing process, but I’m almost better, and back into the routine of writing again. But enough about me! Both teams played exceptional during the two days, and despite not having won any medals it was a great experience for everyone! Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to attend. 

October 25th was this year’s Children’s Wish Foundation Walk for Wishes Wishmaker Parade. The Children’s Wish Foundation is the main charity of Hampden Academy.  Each year students, staff and community members raise money for this charitable endeavour.  This year Team Hampden Academy had 48 participants and raised $7360.20 for the foundation. This brings our 8 year total to approximately $58 000.00. The top pledgers were three students Cameron Warford, Shaian Slade, and Jackson' Jacobs respectively. Congratulations to all involved!  What an incredible feat for such a small school!

To end off the month of October students were gifted with a PD day, which was needed because the next month was one of our busiest! 

To start off the month of November, Hampden Academy hosted their annual Remembrance Day assembly on the 5th. With all the staff and students, some members of our community, veterans and the mother of Corporal Brian Pinksen in attendance, the assembly was a beautiful occasion. We paid tribute to the past, present, and future soldiers who dedicate their lives to our country and our freedom with poppies proudly resting on our chests. Thank you to all who give up their freedom so that we can have ours, we may only celebrate it together once a year, but it is greatly appreciated every day. 

As I mentioned earlier, November was one of our busiest months yet, and sports was the biggest reason why. On the 15th the girl’s volleyball team travelled to Kings Point to play their regional tournament. Unfortunately, I was not healthy enough to participate in my last tournament in high school, but the team still played exceptional and made everyone proud! The team placed second against Main River Academy and brought home their very first medal! A job well done girls! As well, the boy’s soccer team had to postpone their tournament from the 15th to the 19th due to weather warnings.

When the 19th rolled around, teams travelled to our school for this tournament, as we were hosting this year! The boys played a great tournament, placing second overall. It was a great tournament to watch, and every team put out in exceptional effort. 

On November 18 report cards were distributed, and as a grade 12 student I don’t think I’ve ever been more eager to see how my hard work has been paying off! I was very happy with my report, as I’m sure everyone else was! But the hard work doesn't stop there, we still have a full year of exciting new things to enjoy! 

Parent-Teacher meetings were held on November 20th. This year’s Parent-Teacher meetings were held in the evening to accommodate some of the parents’ work schedules, in hopes a bigger turn out! 

Continuing with the sports theme of the month, the 22nd weekend saw two more tournaments. The boys’ volleyball team travelled to Main River Academy to compete for the gold medal along with three other teams. It was a great tournament to watch, and the team put in their best efforts. Unfortunately they didn’t win, but it was a great way for the seniors on the team to end off their high school volleyball experience, with exceptional playing and teamwork. As well, Hampden Academy hosted the girls’ soccer tournament. The girls played great as well, and went up against some very experienced teams. Both teams have nothing to be ashamed of and made everyone at home very proud!

After a few busy weeks, the students were rewarded with a well deserved PD day on the 24th. It was a great way to catch up on some missed sleep after all those tournaments! 

To end off this article I would like to recognize a huge accomplishment from a past student of Hampden Academy. Marie Wasef, who graduated last year, won an Electoral Scholarship for the Humber Valley Region worth $1000. Congratulations, Marie!

The past several weeks were definitely busy ones, but I always say its better to be busy than to be bored! So I hope you enjoyed my returning article, and I look forward to writing more frequently in the future. Goodbye for now readers!